The building process


We are not into this to try to sell everyone the same thing. We’ll really listen to what you want built. We will help you design the best product for your needs that will fit your budget.


We try hard to work out as much detail as possible before printing up the final set of plans. You will learn a lot about the many products and possiblities available for your project and in the process, you will most likely change your mind about what you first thought. But better to figure that out before we start.


We’ll help get the building permit. Obtaining permits for remodeling can be complicated, but fortunately we know the plan checkers in most of the cities we service and they are nice about it.


This is the fun part. We build to a standard that exceeds basic building code requirements. And yes, we do this kind of work because we love it.


When the project gets going, we like to have a meeting with you every week. We will send a lot of emails and do our best to keep you abreast of progress. And yes, we answer emails in a timely fashion.

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